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History of the Eurocampus

By Philippe Gauthier, Founder of the French International School of Manila

In the late 1980s, the French and German schools in Manila decided to establish themselves on a common campus.


In January 1991, the French school in Manila, which operates under the aegis of the French Embassy under the cultural agreements between France and the Philippines, united in an extraordinary assembly which empowered the management committee to pursue the acquisition of the Eurocampus.


This project was approved by the German school in September 1991 and in October a purchase agreement was concluded between the buyer, the newly formed European Education Foundation (EEFI) and the seller. The total acquisition cost is 50 million Philippine pesos.


In 1992, in order to preserve the future of the French school in Manila, Olivier Gaussot, Ambassador of France, Alain Chancerelle, Louis-Paul Heussaff and Philippe Gauthier formed the group of founding members of this magnificent Franco-German project, the first in the world, which today is the Eurocampus.


EEFI is a non-profit association that owns Eurocampus and has a 10-member board of directors.


Eurocampus is managed by the Joint Administrative Committee (JAC), which is the joint management committee for the 2 schools, composed of 10 voting members, including 5 from the LFM - and 5 from GESM.


Six non-voting members also attend JAC meetings, namely the directors of the French and German institutions, the two administrators of the LFM and GESM, and a representative from each embassy.

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